Latest news about Ramzan 2021

The month of Ramadan is very important for all people in the Islamic world. This is the month in which the book of guidance, the Holy Quran, was revealed to us and fasting was imposed on us like all other nations.

This month has been specially declared by Allah Almighty as His month. Blessed is the month when all the devils are imprisoned and the Almighty opens the door of His mercy for all. If you want to read the latest Urdu news about Ramzan you can translate this topic from our website. While fasting brings man closer to his Creator, he also assesses the suffering of the poor due to self-control

Is also estimated. It is the essence of God Almighty which is the star of defects, that is, the covering of defects. Therefore, fasting is also a shield against evils. But no one is unaware of the rating race in our broadcasters in this blessed month. In Ramadan, there are programs that have nothing to do with this holy month. The purpose of our programs is not to attract people to the blessings of Ramadan, but to provoke the greed for gifts.

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